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Kyla Meehan

Moving Coordinator
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How do you define an ideal customer experience?

An ideal customer experience would be to deliver timely, attentive, and positive service from their
first initial call to the very end on their delivery day.

What do you do every day to ensure an awesome customer experience?

I always make sure to keep a positive attitude when speaking with a customer. You never know what
is exactly going on with a customer, moving isn’t always a positive thing, and if they are moving
away from loved ones it can be even harder. Letting the customer know you are here for them no
matter what time of day can really affect them in a positive way. I always try to relate to the customer
the best way possible and reassure them we are here to make their moving experience a great one!

What do you like most about your occupation?

Being in customer service you really get to know some of your customers and they let you in on
what’s going on around them. Being that friendly voice over the phone and getting to help them is
what I enjoy most about my occupation.

What’s your proudest professional achievement to date?

Being asked to become a move coordinator, I’m excited to take the next step and work even closer
with our amazing customers!

Why should a customer choose Murphy?

You should choose Murphy because we care about our customers from their first call to their last call
with us. We take great pride in providing a happy and successful move to all our customers. No
matter how small or large your local or long-distance move is, Murphy is here to serve you!