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Is There a “Busy Season” for Movers?

It’s the question that has plagued home mover’s minds for decades. Is there a busy season for movers, where you need to book early to avoid disappointment? It goes hand in hand with the idea that there is a certain time of the year when it is best to put your home on the market. Well, we’re here to clear up the confusion. There is a busy time of year when getting a mover for your home can be a nightmare. Similarly, there are dead zones when home movers see very little business at all.

December To February

Between December and February, you’ll have very little issue getting a home moving team for your property. In fact, you will probably be first in line because the market is pretty much, dead. There are very few houses on sale through the winter months to buy or sell. That means, if you are looking for a home move at this time, you’re in luck. You might also find that you can get lower rates for the move which is good news if you’re moving far away. The only issue is that you’ll find it difficult to find a home you want to buy on sale.

March To May

From March to May, the housing market is starting to pick up again. However, there are still a lot of people who haven’t got around to putting their home on the market yet. Instead, they are preparing their homes for sale and therefore, not at the point where they need a moving team. It’s more common for houses to be sold at this time of year compared to winter. Yet, demand for moving teams is still not something that you will need to worry about.

June To August

This is the peak season for the property market. Drive around neighborhoods and you will see a lot of properties on sale. Many will have that sold sticker plastered on the sign or under offer. This shows just how many people are moving home at this time. In short, there’s a huge demand to compete with. That’s why you may want to book your home move at least four weeks ahead during this busy season. If you’re moving a long distance away, you may want to double that duration. This will give you a lot of time to plan the home move and get the attention from moving teams that you need.

It’s worth pointing out that if you move during this time, you may be paying higher rates. However, if you do book in advance, you might be able to cut down the price a little. The earlier you can arrange the home move, the better it will be for you.

September To November

In Autumn the housing market starts to wind down again, but there is still a lot of demand up until winter. Homeowners are desperate to get their homes sold before the winter season and start slashing the advertised prices. This encourages more people to buy and need assistance from moving teams. That’s why even in Autumn, you should still be booking ahead to guarantee you get the service you need.