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Save Time and Money When You Move

Don’t Let Unnecessary Delays Hold Your Movers Up

When it comes to moving most companies will charge by the hour for moving crews and therefore time is money. Reputable movers like Murphy Moving & Storage based out of Brewster, NY (we have other locations in NY and CT)  however, will always pursue the goal of providing you with the best moving experience at an affordable rate. We still need to consider though that some tasks movers face can lead to more time on the job. So what can you do about it?

Prepare Your Home for Mover’s Arrival

There are several things you can do to help your movers be as efficient as possible, which can then save you time and money. Begin by taking a quick walk around your home. Look at the access to your driveway and if you see any obstacles like low hanging wires or branches, which could prevent the moving truck from parking closer to your home, have the wires tightened or the branches trimmed. The closer the movers can get to your home the shorter their distance will be carrying boxes and furniture to their truck, and the less time they will need to be at the job.

You should also inspect the entry doors to your home, garage and other areas of your house and make sure that your movers will have plenty of space to safely enter in and exit out of your home. If boxes or furniture block the entrance to your home, consider stacking them elsewhere for your movers. When entryways are cleared up, movers can quickly maneuver furniture and boxes to where they need to go.

Another thing to keep in mind is weather-related.  In the Northeast, we get snow and ice during the winter which is why it’s a good idea to treat your walkways with ice melt and remove any snow in your driveway prior to your mover’s arrival.  In the Fall, please sweep up any leaves on walkways.  No one wants to slip and fall while carrying heavy boxes.

Remove Pests…

It may not have crossed your mind, but pests like hornets and bees that have nested near entryways can cause delays as well so you’ll want to have them removed before moving day.  

You’ll also want to inspect your outdoor household articles (lawn furniture, yard equipment, outdoor toys, and the like) for gypsy moth egg masses and remove them. Without checking, you can unwittingly bring the moth with you and risk killing the shrubbery, trees, and forests that attracted you to your new home.  It’s not just the right thing to do—it’s also the law. To help prevent the further spread of this destructive pest, the U.S. Department of Agriculture requires homeowners to inspect and remove gypsy moth egg masses from household goods prior to moving from an infested to a non-infested area.  Learn more at

Secure Pets…

Loose pets can also lead to unnecessary delays because they can often end up in the way of a mover’s path or even trip them up while they’re carrying furniture or boxes.  Or smaller pets like cats are known to try to enter the moving truck and could get locked inside.  Cats are well known across the internet for their love of sitting in moving boxes!  Please try to have all pets out of your home staying safely with a friend or family member before move day.  If that is not possible, please consider securing pets in a pet crate or arrange for an offsite pet sitter.

Disconnect and Disassemble…

Finally, have electronics like televisions and other equipment disconnected and packed up so your movers can just grab and go. If your furniture can be disassembled to a reasonable point, you might consider doing that as well to save time. For example, bed frames can be taken apart as well as dining tables and kitchen tables. Simply lay a pad or blanket on the floor, flip the table and remove the legs. The movers will handle the rest.  Place all screws, bolts, nuts, and other loose parts in a “parts bag” and label them so you know where they belong.  Ziploc type plastic bags work well for this.

You’ll also want to remove any glass shelving or hardware from cabinets and hutches.  If you wrap or box them up, these items should be labeled in large print letters with words like, “Fragile – Contains Glass” so it is easy to quickly read and understand. Appliances that are coming with you such as your washer/dryer should be properly disconnected and drained in advance so they do not leak in the truck. Anything that you can easily do yourself before moving day is potential to save time and money.

Finish Packing!

Commit to finish packing before movers arrive unless you’ve already made arrangements for your movers to help with the packing.  Make sure if you have packed your boxes that they are closed and sealed with tape. Use extra tape on the bottom of boxes.  There are few things that can slow down a move like having to unexpectedly pack (or re-pack) boxes on the day of your move.

Choose Movers You Can Count On

Whether you’re planning to move locally, or out of state, plan ahead and within reason. Choose reputable movers you can count on to be there.  Prepare your home and help your movers to be as efficient as possible and they’ll appreciate the effort.  However, if you would rather your movers do everything for you so that you don’t have to lift a finger than that is perfectly fine too. Call Murphy Moving and Storage at (866) 719-4209 today!