Front of Home with Sold Sign In Front Yard

Moving From “Home for Sale” to “Sold”!

You thought about selling your home for a while now and finally decided it’s time to move.  But how are you going to get the best sales price for your home while still having it sell quickly?  Your Realtor may also make this bold suggestion…STAGE – YOUR – HOME.

Stage my home?  If you haven’t done it before, you may wonder what the big deal is or may feel insulted by the mere mention of this suggestion.  As if your house was not well decorated or somehow not sparkling clean enough.  It may be uncomfortable but try not to think of it as your home anymore.  Remember that the memories inside it are what last forever.  Your soon-to-be-former home is now just an asset for sale.

Detach, Declutter, Depersonalize.

When considering home staging or hiring a professional home stager, remember that:

  • Don’t take the process personally; make the commitment to emotionally detach.
  • Just because your home is immaculate, stylish and well-suited for your tastes, doesn’t mean it’s “staged”
  • Always consider the potential buyer’s perspective.
  • Put collections away / into storage.  The house should be the main event rather than each potential buyer being taken on a free gallery tour.
  • Be the, “house with the beautiful _________” rather than the one with, “a bunch of office furniture where the dining room should be.”
  • Do appreciate home selling advice from 3rd party specialists.  A professional home stager and/or your Realtor are able to bring neutrality and objectivity needed to accomplish the goal.

Last but not least, remember to stay focused.  After all, isn’t selling your home in the shortest amount of time and for the most money your goal?

Our representatives would be happy to assist your home staging project with packing services, and short or long term climate-controlled storage.  Please call us today or type your contact information into the form on this page to start your free estimate for moving or storage.  We look forward to assisting you and your family!