How to Save Big on Your Move

How to Save Big on Your Move

How to Save Big on Your Move

Full service vs. Cost-effective, and why you CAN have it both ways

Insider info - You want to find the best value in a professional mover, but you also want to avoid the headache and back-breaking work associated with moving. Below is first-hand advice from Household Moving Dispatchers which will help save you time, money, and energy.

Packing – You’re not going to finish. Don’t worry; It’s not you…It’s life.

Packing your home is a full-time job. The most seasoned packers in the business can skillfully pack up to 25-35 boxes in a full day. We often see customers who pledge to pack hundreds of boxes leading up to their move and end up needing a serious bailout. Luckily, experienced move coordinators will check in with you leading up to your move and ensure that packing assistance is arranged. Our load crews are equipped to handle additional packing, but the additional costs add up. Get a quote for what movers call ‘full packing’ and then seriously consider if it is worth your time and if you realistically have the time, to pack yourself. Chances are your valuable time can be better spent.

Closings – One of the more overlooked aspects of a move is scheduling closings and confirming you have access to your new home. Closings can take longer than expected and even have delays in date/time. Be sure to keep your coordinator in the know regarding closing dates and times. Being proactive and gathering information on the timing of the process from your realtor and lawyer can save you significant costs associated with un-planned holding or storage.

nicely packed moving truckDon’t do it! (Yourself) – One of the most appealing aspects of a Full-Service move is the professionals are responsible for your household goods as well as the walls, floors, doorways, etc. Next is the professional moving truck. "The road" is a rough place. The Mover’s fleet of air-ride suspension trucks is designed to cushion against road bumps. Movers come with a significant amount of moving blankets to carefully pad-wrap furniture. Bumps or scratches can happen. The difference between a DIY Move and a Full-Service move is your mover is taking measures to protect themselves from liability of damage to your furniture or home. You, the customer, are great at the things you do, but you might not be great at building tiers of boxes and furniture from floor to ceiling in a truck. That’s OK! You don’t have to be. When your items are in our hands, they are in the best possible environment for being transported.

Estimates – Professional movers from large Vanlines like Mayflower and United are going to be very close together when estimating the weight and cubic footage of your move because they have superior data and software to make highly accurate calculations. The most important thing to consider when choosing your mover is the experience you’re going to have. The best service you can get is when your sales representative and move coordinator show you the roadmap of your move and help you every step of the way. No two moves are the same, and having a dedicated team to handle every aspect of your move makes moving easy, and even enjoyable.