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Helping Your Children Adjust to a Move

Moving to a new city can be overwhelming at any age. But for children, it can be downright scary. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways parents can make the transition easier on their little ones.

Advice for Moving with Kids

Be honest about your upcoming move.

Kids see a lot more than we realize. While many parents may want to “hide” what’s happening, that can lead to confused and nervous kids.

Instead, let your kids know what they can expect over the next few weeks and months. Before you begin packing, talk to your children about when you’re planning to move, why you’re moving, and exciting things they can look forward to. While your conversation needs to be tailored to your child’s age range, you never want to surprise even young children with a spontaneous move.

Let your little ones help pack and organize.

Also known as “transitional exercises,” getting your little ones involved in the move can help ease their worries and give them a greater sense of control. Depending on how old your child is, let them help pack up their room and belongings. You should also encourage them to pick a fun color or theme for their room in the new house.

Visit your new neighborhood.

If you’re moving somewhere nearby, take a few trips to your new neighborhood — point out parks you plan on visiting, your kids’ school, and the house you’ll be staying in. As you drive around, your kids will become more familiar with the area and less worried about moving to a “new” place.

Speak positively.

We understand that a move is stressful and there are going to be times when you feel overwhelmed, but it’s important that you don’t share those sentiments with your kids. Whenever you talk about moving or the new house around your kids, make sure you sound eager, excited, and happy!

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